Patent Law

Protection of inventions in the form of granted patents or utility models is secured by patent attorneys from almost every field, such as chemicals, biochemicals, molecular biology, genetics and pharmacology, as well as construction, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electro-mechanical engineering. We support our Clients when expanding to abroad and we provide protection to their original solutions on the international level.

Within the area of patent law we are offering the following legal services:

  • Representing clients in proceedings on granting patents to inventions or proceedings on the registration of utility models;
  • Provision of consultations, performance of research and assessments of the option of complying with patentability conditions, drafting a description of an invention, patent claims and applications for registration of a utility model;
  • Registration of supplementary protection certificates for medicinal products;
  • Monitoring the validity terms of patents, utility models and supplementation certificates, payment of annuity and maintenance fees;
  • Representation in all types of dispute proceedings, drafting of applications for cancellation and requests for designation whether a solution is covered by the extent of protection;
  • Registration of changes in the register of patents and utility models (change of name and address, transfer of rights, registration of licence);
  • Monitoring valid documents for our clients in the Patrawin® system, offer of additional IPR Control® service.
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