Trademarks & Designs

In particular, we secure registration proceedings concering trade marks and designs directly with the Czech and Slovak Intellectual Property Offices, as well as with EUIPO and WIPO. Due to the long-standing co-operation with attorneys from other jurisdictions we can provide the Clients with the trade mark/design protection in any country worldwide.  

Within the area of designation rights we are offering the following services:

  • Consultations regarding an assessment of the registrability of a trademark, or the registerability of an industrial design concerning its novelty and individual nature;
  • Co-operation with graphic designers when creating new trademarks; 
  • Performance of research in the system and Monitoring® in trademark and design databases in the Volters Kluwer® system;
  • Representation of clients in proceedings on the registration of trademarks, industrial designs and designations of origins of products, including classification of trademarks and designs;
  • Monitoring of renewal terms of registered rights to designations, including payments of renewal fees;
  • Monitoring valid documents for our clients in the Patrawin® system, offer of additional IPR Control® service;
  • Registration of changes in the register (change of name and address, transfer of rights, registration of licence);
  • Expert reports on valuation of rights to designations;
  • Representation of clients in all types of dispute proceedings in connection with trademarks, unregistered designations and/or designs, such as objections to registration of a trade mark, deletion and cancellation proceedings, proceedings on a designation whether an industrial design falls within the scope of protection.
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